Office & Leased Space Painting

Clean, Modern & Professional Finishes

Office Spaces should welcome people to an open space that promotes productivity and a relaxed work environment. We’ll work outside of business hours to ensure that productivity isn’t disrupted while providing your tenants and/or employees a fresh space to hit targets from!

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Our Office & Leased Space Painting Services

Private and open
plan office spaces

Big & small jobs:
One room to multi-level

Painting Maintenance
and Repair

Flexible schedule to
minimise disruption

Interior, exterior &
flooring painting

How Office Building Painting is Different to Residential Painting

You may think that painting a house is the same as painting a shopping complex, factory, or commercial office space however, there is so much more for an office painting contractor to consider than merely the building and the job at hand:

  • Size of the project

    When we accept a commercial painting job, we consider the size of the job. An office building has many more floors, nooks and crannies that need painting than a typical residence. Our team carefully considers the resources required to complete the project within a specific period, ensuring efficient and high-quality workmanship for every task.

  • Equipment required

    Residential equipment such as step ladders and a small paint roller aren’t sufficient for commercial properties. Commercial projects require specialised equipment, a wide variety of paint types, and skilled professionals to complete the job.

  • Surfaces

    The nature of the material, size and durability of a commercial building require heavy-duty equipment such as sandblasters, sprayers, lifts, and scaffolding to ensure that every inch of the building is coated. Our professional team provides industrial-grade paint options and paint for metal, plastic, concrete, and marble, perfect for any job.

  • Industry-specific options

    Our professional team takes into consideration industry standards and regulations for any property we are servicing, from catering to warehousing offices – we have experience backing us. The client’s time and premises are always respected, ensuring we keep your space tidy and provide clear communication every step of the way.

Why Do I Need an Office Building Painting Company?

With over 30 years of experience, we know what each office space needs and how to provide the best in customer care and finished quality.

Our services come with a workmanship warranty and high-quality Dulux paints, a well-presented and punctual team, and a 30-day touch-up service.

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Why Choose GMP for your Office Painting

As professional office building painters, our clients are our priority. We understand disruptions interrupt workflow, so we work after hours, minimising any impact to you. We will schedule painting in sections and clean up as we go so your office is kept tidy and productivity isn’t impacted.

We’ll listen to your needs and the outcomes you want from our services. Just as we know what we will need to provide for the best painting job for our commercial office customers, we understand that you know what is best for your business.

We will quote on time and arrive with a group of well-presented painters to commence the project and discuss the best products for the building type, industry, interior or exterior.

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