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Choosing the colours for your new home is one of the more exciting parts of the ‘new home’ process.

It might seem like a pretty simple task – decide what colour you like and go with that. But in actual fact there is more to consider. It is important to consider the lighting and size of the room, as well as what the room will be used for. Not all colours will be appropriate for all rooms and not all products will necessarily be fit for all the rooms. For example, paints used in the kitchen need to be easier-to-clean and much more durable, while the paint for a room doesn’t require the same features and you generally have more freedom with colour palettes.

In addition to providing expert new home painting services, at GMP Painters, we can also help with the color selection process by providing advice and recommendations based on our expertise to ensure you get the colour palette you want, while giving your new home the most appropriate finishing option.

We offer interior and exterior painting services for new homes.

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