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Professional Healthcare Facility Painting Services

We understand and have experience working within the complex and strict regulations and standards required by the healthcare sector when it comes to providing painting services for health and medical facilities.

From working within strict time schedules that have minimal disruption to operations and utilising carefully selected paints that are durable, hygienic, safe and easy-to-clean to choosing the right colour scheme, our team are committed to providing quality painting services for healthcare facilities.

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Our Health & Medical Painting Services

Clinics & Practices

We provide painting services for a range of public and private medical clinics and practices including:

  • Doctors’ clinics/practices
  • Dental clinics
  • Specialist clinics

We have the expertise to carry out exterior and interior paint jobs, regardless of the size of the premises. When painting medical clinics and practices, we aim to create a welcoming and calming environment, which can help patients feel more comfortable and at ease during their visit, while also ensuring health and safety standards are maintained, including careful selection of products that are not harmful to patients.

Dentist Clinic Dental Clinic painting services Ipswich GMP Painters


Painting surgical theatres requires particular skills and knowledge. At GMP Painters, we understand and cater to the various factors that impact such premises, including:

  • Working around busy and often urgent and changing schedules
  • Ensuring health and safety standards are maintained
  • Using products that meet all safety requirements
  • Using products that cater to factors such high foot traffic/regular cleaning requirements etc

We ensure jobs are completed on time, with minimal disruption.

Operating room in a hospital. Surgery painting Ipswich GMP Painters


We provide painting services for public and private hospitals, including interior and exterior painting.

At GMP Painters we have the skills required for painting the high traffic and busy environment of hospitals, while catering to various factors such as:

  • working around the schedule of a facility that operates 24/7
  • using products that are not harmful to patients, including paints with little or no fumes, low-VOC and no-VOC etc; selecting colour palettes that are sensitive to patients e.g. those with visual or sensory impairments
  • ensuring health and safety standards are maintained throughout the job
  • maintaining a tidy work area and coordinating our work to minimise disruption and inconvenience to day-to-day operations
Hospital Reception area. Hospital painting Ipswich GMP Painters

NDIS Providers

We provide interior and exterior painting services to a wide range of NDIS providers, such as disability-related health support providers e.g. therapy clinics, accommodation support providers, personal care support providers and more.

At GMP Painters we understand when painting a facility that is frequented by people with a disability, it is important to consider factors such as the color scheme, the type of paint used, the durability of the paint, the accessibility of the area being painted, and the impact of the colors on the mood and well-being of the individuals who will be using the facility. Additionally, it is important to consider any specific needs or preferences of the individuals using the facility, such as visual impairments or sensory sensitivities.

Accessible facility. Disability stairs lift facility indoor building NDIS painting services Ipswich GMP Painters

Aged Care Facilities

We provide interior and exterior painting services for aged care facilities as well as retirement homes.

At GMP Painters we take a sensitive approach when working with the elderly and ensure careful consideration is giver to factors such as:

  • ensuring safety of the residents (e.g. keeping our work area tidy and free from harmful equipment and material; and being aware that some residents may be more vulnerable or health-compromised).
  • choosing the right color scheme – we use our knowledge and experience of working in such environments to choose colour schemes that help to create a calming environment.
  • using products that are not harmful to residents e.g. the use of non-toxic and low-odor paint to avoid causing respiratory issues.

We also understand disruptions to routines and changes to environments can cause anxiety for some residents e.g. not having access to their rooms or other areas of the facility. Which is why we aim to complete work quickly and with minimal disruption.

Aged Care facility resident room -Aged Care facility painting services Ipswich GMP Painters

Roof Painting

At GMP Painters we offer roof painting services for a range of health and medical care facilities, including hospitals, medical and private clinics, aged care facilities and NDIS providers.

A well-maintained hospital and medical facility roof can prevent leaks and water damage, which can be critical for premises providing patient care. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can improve the aesthetic of the facility and create a more positive and welcoming environment for patients, visitors, and staff.

GMP Painters Roof Painting Ipswich

Our Healthcare Painting Solutions

  • Durable Products

    We only use durable, hard-wearing paint products that can withstand regular rigorous cleaning and high foot traffic. Our coatings are washable and easy to maintain to minimise the need for regular repainting or recoating. We can also cater to specific safety and regulatory requirements such as non-slip finishes.

  • Antibacterial Protection

    We have a selection of paints and coating products that have antibacterial properties. These enable healthcare facilities to keep surfaces sterile without damaging the paint or coating. Our specialist products also prevent the growth of bacteria and mould and reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.

  • Safety & Indoor Air Quality

    We use paint and coating products that are hygienic, non-toxic and include several industry-leading low-VOC, low-odour options to help create safer and more comfortable environments for patients.

  • Minimal Disruption

    We understand healthcare facilities are busy and have minimum (if any) downtime. Keeping this in mind, we work around your schedule to ensure there is minimal disruption to your critical operations.

  • Colour Scheme

    We carefully choose colour palettes that can help create a comfortable environment for patients and visitors while also taking into account others considerations e.g. thoughtful colour selection to assist patients with visual impairment navigate various areas of the facility. We also adhere to any building regulations e.g. requirement for critical surfaces to be highlighted in colours and shades with an appropriate contrast or light reflectance value (LRV).

  • Waterproof Solutions

    Our painting and coating products meet healthcare building code requirements and provide building longevity Professional waterproofing solutions. We understand the importance of utilising waterproof products in both underground and
    above ground structures.

Dulux Professional® SteriGuard®

We use Dulux Professional® SteriGuard® premium specialty paint products for our health and medical painting projects. This premium range is designed to support internal environments in health and medical settings and offer various benefits suitable to health and medical facility requirements, such as odour, highly durable, easy-to-clean paint options.

As a Dulux Accredited Partner, we are proud to use only the best paint products on the market. To find out more about the paint range we use for our health and medical painting painting services, download the brochure.

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We understand the unique requirements of health and medical facilities when it comes to paint. We combine our 30+ years of painting experience with the highest standard of products to ensure we deliver healthy, hygienic and safe painting services.

We paint to your unique requirements.

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